Normally, courses take place at centres throughout the year. Obviously, the pandemic has caused this to be halted, however, there are webinars still taking place. Check out the emails from HQ that advertise these as well as follow the NASUWT Facebook Group for up to date course / webinar information.

CLICK on the picture to the left to open up the TIME OFF FOR TRAINING leaflet which spells out your rights to training if your school happens to object to your request.

Courses for NASUWT School / College Representatives

Representatives (Stage 1): Working Together (Maintained Schools)

Representatives (Stage 1): Working Together (Academy Schools)

Representatives (Stage 1): Working Together (Independent Schools)

Representatives (Stage 2): Working Together

Discrimination Casework Course

Representatives (Stage 3): Negotiation

Representatives (Stage 3): Casework

Representatives (Stage 4): Casework


Courses for Health & Safety Representatives

H&S Representatives (Stage 1)

H&S Representatives (Stage 2)

H&S Representatives (Stage 3): Organising

Annual H&S Seminar

Regional H&S Representatives Briefing

Learning Representatives Courses

Learning Representatives (Stage 1)

Learning Representatives (Stage 2)

Local Officer Courses

Organising in the Local Association


Equality Officers

Equality Officers Training and Development Day

Benevolence Casework: For Benevolence Visitors


Caseworker Thompson Briefings

Excel (Stage 1)

Excel (Stage 2)

Powerpoint (Stage 1)

Using the Internet and Social Networking for Organising


Supply Teacher Courses

Supply Teachers' Network Seminars - Regional

Supply Teachers' Safeguarding Course

National Supply Teacher Seminars

Supply Teachers' Development Courses

Equalities Development Courses

Consultation Conferences

Development Courses

Courses for BME members

Courses for Disabled members

Courses for LGBTI members

Promoting Safe Workplaces for LGBTI Teachers

Courses for Women members

Courses for Young members

Mental Health & Stress Courses

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health Awareness

Other Courses

Working Successfully in an Academy

Introduction to the NASUWT

Behaviour Management Courses

Working Assertively

Dignity at Work: Your Rights, Their Responsibilities

Stress Management

Health & Safety Management

Staff Governors

Tutoring and Accrediting NASUWT Courses

Training Officers' Training and Development Day

Neurodiversity Awareness

Introduction to Trans Awareness

Trade Union Events

Workers on the Autism Spectrum and Trade Union Support