What's happened to Sean?
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Sean is the former Warwickshire Negotiating Secretary, former caseworker, former District 15 NEM and former Honorary National Treasurer till 06.10.21

Sean is someone who for many years (mid teens) has suffered with severe bouts of stress, anxiety and depression and has controlled this for significant periods of time through medication. This has been declared to the NASUWT. Sean also experiences issues regarding Attachment Disorder.

Although for the large part he is highly functioning, it nevertheless has profound implications and impacts upon him negatively on occasion.

January 2021

Sean wins the National Honorary Treasurer election on January 6th.


He posts his thanks to people via Facebook and in a reply to one person says the following....


Sean used to work with Neil and they both knew who WB was, with WB being a member of NASUWT staff. Although WB was not tagged, nor was he a Facebook friend of Sean's. It is also very important to mention that this post went out to people only within Sean's FB friends community. His settings had Facebook locked down and his posts could not be viewed by any other people apart from those who the post was sent to.

However, WB was alerted to the post and at 11:03pm, he sent Sean a message.

Please note that WB had not seen the post, he had merely been informed of it.

How therefore had the post reached the attention of WB?


As you can see, WB asked Sean to delete the comment and he explained it was because a gentleman called Gareth had his funeral soon. Context - Gareth was the NASUWT Deputy General Secretary and he passed away just prior to Christmas.

As you can further see, once this is pointed out to Sean by WB, he recognises why this could be a problem, and he agrees to take it down and offers his apology.

WB says he has not taken any offence.

All this took place between 11:03 and 11:05pm on 6th January

It is also worth noting that Sean had literally been informed of his election win moments before he made his post - this impacted upon his state of mind and how Sean deals with things when hyper-stimulated can not be underestimated.

In hindsight and with reflection, Sean is more than prepared to admit that the post he made was poorly timed. He was unaware of when Gareth's funeral was, not being a member of the National Executive and on the email list, but the timing of his post and referencing Gareth's potential replacement was insensitive. Sean will not offer any further mitigation as he can see how this can be viewed and perceived by others.

Yet at 22:33, the post made by Sean was being shared online but by whom?

Sean's post had been copied and pasted through some kind of screen sharing software and was now being liberally shared across social media.

Note: This was not Sean sharing his post. You can see from the original image of the post that the share function on Sean's Facebook account is disabled, yet his post has been screen grabbed and others are sharing it.

But for what reason???

The reason becomes self evident when 2 days later, the National Officers are alerted to this post by Phil Kemp.


How does Sean's post get into the hands of Phil Kemp? Is there anyone in the meeting that has shared this with him? Is there anyone in the meeting that can gain from Sean being disciplined for this post?

When Sean issued the NASUWT with a Subject Access Request, he provided names and a range of dates for information to be provided that named and was relevant to him. Yet despite all the National Officers and staff above being named in the SAR, this document never ever was released by the NASUWT to Sean. They claim they have complied fully with his SAR request, yet this file was never declared.

Interestingly and worryingly, when Sean received this file from a NASUWT whistleblower who provided it to him, Sean brought this to the attention of Patrick Roach the NASUWT General Secretary who claimed and reiterated that Sean had been provided with everything he had asked for and the NASUWT had complied fully with his request.

So why was this file kept from Sean?

Could it be because the actual author of the file according to the metadata was Patrick Roach, the General Secretary himself!

Why does the NASUWT General Secretary prepare a document to be shared with National Officers that is highly critical of the Honorary Treasurer elect?

Roach metadata.JPG