Member Support

NASUWT membership entitles you to receive support from trained caseworkers and officers.

To access this support email or call 03330 145 550 to speak to the member support hotline.

Benevolence Assistance:


Sometimes, members experience financial hardship through no fault of their own and as a result of unforeseen circumstances. These situations can arise because of chronic illness, bereavement, an accident or loss of employment through dismissal or redundancy.

The NASUWT Benevolent Fund was created to provide effective short-term assistance during such difficulties.

Members are eligible to apply to the NASUWT Benevolence Fund if they are, or have been, subscribing members of the NASUWT, dependants of a member, or former members of the NASUWT may also be eligible for support.

Need help?
Contact Member Support

03330 145 550

West Midlands Regional Centre

Ludgate Court,
57 Water Street
B3 1EP

Tel: 0121 232 9400
Fax: 0121 232 9409


The Regional Centre is open Mondays to Fridays from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

Benevolence Assistance:
Contact Member Support on 
03330 145 550 or email
Ask them to appoint a Benevolence
Visitor for you.
Thompsons Solicitors

Crime Emergency Procedure

The NASUWT arranges prompt and effective representation provided by specialist criminal solicitors at Thompsons for teachers facing criminal allegations arising from their teaching employment whilst they were in membership of the Union.

If a criminal allegation is made against you which is related to your teaching employment, e.g. physical or sexual assault, or theft, and you have been called for interview by the police you should follow the advice below:

  • Say to the police officer: "I am anxious to co-operate in getting this matter cleared up. I have been advised by my Union not to agree to answer questions or make a statement until my solicitor is present".

  • You should be given the opportunity to make a telephone call. Ring your NASUWT Regional Centre, with details of the police officer's name, rank, police station and telephone number. Legal representation will then be arranged.

  • If the police officer will not allow you to contact the NASUWT, and arrests you, ask for the services of the duty solicitor and contact your NASUWT Regional Centre as soon as possible. Please ensure you obtain the contact details of the duty solicitor to pass onto the NASUWT.

Wesleyan Financial Advice -Teachers' Pensions
If the police contact you out of office hours, you should contact the out of hours helpline on 0800 587 7530 - weekdays (Monday to Thursday 5.30pm - 8.30am), weekends (Friday 5.30pm - Monday 8.30am).

Wesleyan provide NASUWT members with a wide range of regulated financial services. These include face to face financial advice on important issues such as investments, mortgages, loans, pensions, protection products and savings.
Wesleyan make no charge for giving you financial advice and will visit you at home or at school at a time to suit you.

For the latest NASUWT information and advice concerning Teachers’ Pensions, check out the NASUWT website... (link below)

Education Support Partnership (formerly the Teacher Support Network)

As with all financial decisions, NASUWT recommends that members seek independent financial advice from a trained professional. NASUWT recommends Wesleyan.

Education Support Partnership is the new name for the joined forces of Teacher Support Network, Recourse and Worklife Support. 

We believe everyone working in education deserves to feel at their best so we’re dedicated to helping organisations and their staff to boost health, happiness and wellbeing through individual support and great management. 

Whatever you need, we're here for you 24/7. Our free and confidential helpline can help with any issues, personal or professional, to get you back on track.

  • CALL: 08000 562 561

  • TEXT: 07909 341229

FAQ's - click on each document below to receive some advice regarding the selected issue

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Q+A Performance Management (doc) (pdf)

Q+A Meetings after school (doc) (pdf)

Q+A Classroom temperatures (doc) (pdf)


Q+A Damage to car (doc) (pdf)

Q+A Do I have to attend lunchtime meetings (doc) (pdf)

Q+A Handing in my notice dates (doc) (pdf)


Q+A Lunchtime duties (doc) (pdf)

Q+A Part-time Teachers (doc) (pdf)

Q+A Directed Time (doc) (pdf)

Q+A NASUWT advice re: Strike Action (doc) (pdf)

Dont forget, you can claim the taxable allowance on your Trade Union subscriptions going back 4 years.

It can work out to be a few hundred pounds.

Details can be found by following the link below.

>>> Phone up membership on 0121 4576150 

>>> ask that they send you a letter detailing the subs you have paid

>>> send this to the Tax man 

>>> receive your refund