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NASUWT Annual Report for 2018-2019
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Need help?
Contact Member Support

03330 145 550

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Rose Hill,
B45 8RS
Tel: 0121 453 6150
Fax: 0121 457 6208

Have you moved school or home recently?

Please make sure you go on to the NASUWT website and update your school or home contact details.


It’s really hard to keep membership

records straight if members forget to tell us!


Go to

http://www.nasuwt.org.uk/ and click on My NASUWT.


Alternatively, call the member support line on 03330 145 550

Why join us

  • With approaching 300,000 members the NASUWT is the most influential teachers' Union within the UK;

  • The NASUWT is the only teachers Union to represent teachers in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Wherever you teach within the UK you will have the support of the NASUWT;

  • The NASUWT represents and supports teachers in all sectors from early years through to post compulsory education;

  • The NASUWT represents teachers in all educational settings, including state maintained schools, academy schools, free schools, independent schools and FE Colleges;

  • The NASUWT represents all teachers from student teachers and newly qualified teachers through to deputy heads and headteachers;


What we do for you

  • The NASUWT will support, advise and if necessary represent you with any difficulties you face within the workplace;

  • The Union has a wide range of support available to you. Our nationally based Member Support and Advice line is open from Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 6.30pm on 03330 145550; 

  • More direct workplace based representation is available through our network of practicing teachers undertaking voluntary activities for the Union and also our professional regional and national staff;

  • The NASUWT will negotiate your terms and conditions where we are recognised to do so within England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland;

  • The NASUWT continues to campaign with members to defend teachers terms, conditions and professionalism.

  • The NASUWT offers a wide range of free professional development for all of our members from newly qualified teachers through to leaders and aspiring leaders;

  • There are also a wide range of routes for you to support your teaching colleagues by getting more actively involved in your Union;

  • The NASUWT offers wide ranging advice on finding a new teaching job

The ONLY Union that SOLELY represents Teachers in Warwickshire

(C)  NASUWT Warwickshire

Contact: seantaylorNASUWT@outlook.com

Warwickshire NASUWT County Secretary

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